Facebook Reels Monetized

facebook reels monetized

As most of us already know, Facebook is an incredible platform for content creators and small businesses alike. What we all might not have known is that you can make money with your Facebook profile in many ways. Before I continue writing, I want to be clear that when I mention Facebook PROFILE, I’m not speaking about the Facebook business page. Most people still use Facebook the old fashioned way and don’t know how to monetize. I must admit, I just discovered Facebook monetization within the last two and a half years. Continue reading as this article will discuss how to monetize Facebook, as well as make money online from your Facebook audience and friends. 

Facebook has started to give guidance on several strategies to help generate additional revenue streams of income besides just advertising (which they also offer), such as linking posts together under specific hashtags/keywords, and creating promotions. 

Many creators and small businesses depend on Facebook to reach a wider audience for promoting their existing business products or services. Nevertheless, you can also earn passive income (or even active, in some cases) with your content on Facebook, using methods such as affiliate marketing, fan subscriptions, and in-stream video ads.  

Facebook gives guidance on several tactics for monetization and provides a free eligibility checker online. You should expect to earn a decent amount of money with your content on Facebook, and here is how you can get started. 

Meet the Eligibility Requirements of Facebook

The initial step towards earning money on Facebook is checking out the eligibility requirements on several platforms and seeing the one you qualify for. 

What you need to do is basically meet the Partner Monetization Policies of Facebook; they include:

  1. Have a Facebook business profile or page that is a minimum of 30 days old.
  2. Follow the content monetization policy, community standards, and several other pages' TOS (terms of service).
  3. Comply with the terms of receiving money and earning of Facebook, which include Google and Apple policies (when applicable) for in-app purchases.


Diversifying Your Income Streams on Facebook

Even though it's simple to go with a method, you might not get the result you desire with it. You should instead select some different complementary income streams like selling digital content and getting paid for online events or even adding sponsored posts and affiliate links.

Below are some ways you can monetize your Facebook profile:

  1. Sell and promote digital content: Display your expertise and earn money with the use of Facebook to promote sales of digital content like templates, online business courses, business
    e-books, and more.
  2. Get a Facebook Shop: Use a Facebook Shop to highlight the products of your online business. You can even use Instagram to take your business online and gain access to consumers across the two applications.
  3. Share branded content: Reach out to brands and get their unique promo codes for your audience. Another way is to make sponsored posts and product reviews on your Facebook business page or group. You can find opportunities using the Brand Collabs Manager.
  4. Earn money with online events: Request money for people to attend your pre-recorded or live events and promote them with the use of exclusive posts for paid events online.
  5. Earn stars while you live stream: Encourage your fans to appreciate you while you're live streaming by sending stars. For each star, you'll earn $0.01.
  6. Fan subscriptions: You can earn between $0.99 and $99.99 from each subscriber monthly using fan subscriptions. The membership can include live video, discounts, and exclusive content.
  7. Use affiliate links: This is my favorite. Affiliate marketing is when you sell other people’s products. You can Become a member of individual brand programs or affiliate networks like Shareasale or Click Bank to earn a commission anytime a user on Facebook uses your link to get their product or service. 

 Earn Money Using In-Stream Ads

I’ve heard but haven’t yet experienced how you can monetize your video content through in-stream ads. They say this works on several platforms, including YouTube. To qualify for this feature on Facebook, your Facebook page needs to have at least 10,000 followers. Businesses earn money from advertisements that play during or before a video content or Facebook live broadcast whose length is at least one minute. 

If you're thinking of monetizing your Facebook page, now may be the best time to do that. So, take advantage of this opportunity and start being more active on Facebook by posting reels and LIVE videos. To learn more about making money on Facebook or any online platform, get my cheat sheets HERE.

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