Fastest Way to Instant Business Credit and Funding

fastest way to instant business funding


By now we should all know the first two steps to setting up a business and establishing business credit. In case you don't, Step 1 is getting an LLC. Step 2 is getting an employee identification number from

The next few steps are critical and is where most entrepreneurs get lost or make errors. I know I did. These mistakes will prevent you from getting business credit and funding. Continue reading below to see the fastest way to instant business credit and funding. By the way, INSTANT means you get approved by a computer and there is no manual underwriting from a person. The fastest way to instant business funding is to:

  1. Open Business Checking Account  Novo bank is a free and easy way to start a business checking account online.
  2. Get Commercial Business Address or Virtual Business
  3. Get domain name from and business phone that connects to your mobile.
  4. Get Dun and Bradstreet number and remember you don't need to buy their products. They will call you trying to sell a service. You can do this service yourself.
  5. List yourself on or

Also, remember consistent information is the key to getting instant approvals. You don't want suite 16 on D&B but suite 19 on a google search.

I hope this information was helpful!

P.S. Don't forget I'm basically giving away the business credit bundle 5 products for 1 including the Business Credit E-Book. 

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