Make $1,000 Weekly (LiveGood Affiliate Program Explained)

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Imagine waking up every day to make $200 while you slept. That’s what happening for LiveGood Affiliates right now. Continue reading as I explain LiveGood’s compensation plan.  

What is LiveGood?

LiveGood is the fastest-growing network marketing company of 2023, and one of the highest-paying affiliate marketing programs. LiveGood has high-quality health and wellness products, however, members do not have to sell the products, they sell the membership.

Here are the 6 Ways to Get Paid at LiveGood

  1. Weekly fast-start commissions. For each person you prefer to LiveGood who becomes a member and any affiliate right now, the affiliate fee is $49.95 but for every person that you enroll, you will receive a commission of $25 so that's a 50% affiliate compensation payout. Plus, if any of the people you enroll choose to enroll others, not only will they be rewarded, but you will also receive additional bonus commissions up to 10 levels deep.
  2. Matrix commissions. When you lock in your position at LiveGood you are giving your own business center in our fast filling 2 by 15 Matrix. People join live good every week they are placed in The Matrix under everyone who is already in there. 
  3. Matching Bonuses. As a LiveGood affiliate, you can earn between $2,047 and $16,383 in your personal matrix. You will also match 50% of the matrix commissions on everyone you enroll, AND a percentage of everyone those people enroll FIVE ENROLLMENT GENERATIONS DEEP, regardless of where they fall in your matrix!
  4. Retail Commissions. Each one of LiveGood’s life-changing products has a Member price and a Retail price. While most people choose to take advantage of low-cost membership for just $9.95 per month, some people may just want to make purchases at Retail prices. 
  5. Influencer Bonuses. For Affiliates who choose to market products to Retail Customers on a larger scale, they will earn additional bonuses on all of that volume. In fact, up to 100% of the difference between the Member price and the Retail price on all orders by your referred Retail Customers. It's actually easier than you think to become an influencer. There are programs to teach you how to become a top-notch internet marketer and make lots of cash on Facebook and Tik Tok with attraction marketing.
  6. Diamond Bonus Pool. Once a LiveGood member reaches Diamond rank, they get a 2% split between all qualified Diamond-ranked members. 2% of the total sales of all membership and product sales get divided evenly between all qualified Diamond-ranked affiliates and paid out with monthly commissions.

 LiveGood Ranking System:

As I mentioned earlier, the Diamond ranks receive 2% of the total sales of all membership and product sales. As of the date of this article, Diamond is the highest rank at LiveGood. However, I’ve heard a new rank will be added since LiveGood is growing so Fast. Here are the other ranks:

  • Bronze - Enroll 2 active members 
  • Silver - Must have 10 personally enrolled active members plus a total of 20 active members on your team.
  • Gold - Must have 30 personally enrolled active members plus a total of 100 active members in your Enroller Tree team, or 3 separate Enroller Tree legs with a Silver ranked Affiliate plus a total of 100 active members in your team.
  • Platinum - Must have 100 personally enrolled active members plus a total of 500 active members in your Enroller Tree team, or 3 separate Enroller Tree legs with a Gold ranked Affiliate plus a total of 500 active members in your Enroller Tree team.
  • Diamond - Must have 3 separate Enroller Tree legs with a Platinum ranked Affiliate, plus a total of 2,500 active members in your team. Or 2,500 active members in your Enroller Tree team with no more than 500 counting from any individual Enroller Tree leg.
  • Crown Diamond – coming.

 Approximately 2,000 people are signing up to become a LiveGood Member every single day. All members do is share LiveGood’s opportunity video with people and they pre-enroll  by “reserving their position) or become a full member. Locking in a position as soon as possible is important because of the matrix. Members receive financial benefits after reserving a position because everyone who joins afterward, goes into the matrix after. 

The LiveGood affiliate marketing program allows you to make money from anywhere. Whether you have a full-time job, are a student, or just want to supplement your income, the LiveGood network marketing system is a great way to do it. The program provides members with exclusive access to products and services that can be promoted for commissions on their website, blog, or social media accounts. With the LiveGood system, you can earn commissions on sales of products and services that you recommend to your audience. Plus, you get access to exclusive discounts on products and services as well as monthly bonuses for meeting certain criteria. You can even create multiple streams of income by recruiting additional affiliates into the program! 

Still not convinced? Watch LiveGood’s opportunity video and see for yourself.

Thanks for reading my blog post. If you are ready to start getting passive income, join me at LiveGood by clicking here. Also, please post your comments below.

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