Supporting Single Mothers in Need

Providing resources, support, and affordable housing

We are a non-profit 501 (c)(3) foundation.
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Empowering Single Mothers and Teens 12-16 with Real Estate and Financial Literacy


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Real Estate and Financial Literacy Workshops

Outside of providing resources and affordable housing to single mothers in need, our non-profit 501(c)(3) also empowers families with free or discounted workshops. Topics vary from starting a business, to financial literacy and Real Estate. Use the free downloadable guide below to learn the tools needed to start a side hustle or small business. Take control of your finances by learning how to make money outside of your J.O.B. if you desire that. 

Empower yourself by taking the first step and downloading this guide! Single mothers in need can send a message for a free real estate/loan masterclass. You can also browse all our workshops and programs.


Meet the Directors

President of Next Level Detroit

Catina Willis, MBA

Founder and President

Mack Willis III

Vice President

Dominique Currie Secretary

Dominique Currie

Secretary and Housing Coordinator



Home Buying Masterclass

Get MORE Control over Where You Live by Learning what it takes to become a Home Owner

Our comprehensive masterclasses have everything you need to better understand credit and financing a house. Are you a single mother in need? Send us a message for FREE access to our Home Buying Workshop.

If you want to help us support single mothers
, you can get the Home Buying Workshop at a discount by CLICKING HERE.

Do you have an idea for our organization? If you want to become a member of Next Level Detroit, send us a message.

Home Buying Workshop