Credit is Power (How to Increase Credit Score)

credit cards credit is power how to increase credit score
Credit is Power

Imagine getting $55,000 in credit cards within 30 days. You can do whatever you want with this credit including starting a business or just keeping it on standby for money-making opportunities. Credit cards give consumers so much power rather it’s to make purchases, build their credit history, or purchase assets. Credit cards are also good for earning rewards and perks such as cashback or travel points. However, it is important to remember that with great power comes great responsibility – missing payments or carrying high balances can lead to damaging effects on one's credit score and overall financial health. It is important to use credit wisely and pay off balances in full each month to truly harness the power of credit cards. Here are some credit cards I recommend for new business owners or people who are thinking about starting a business.

 American Express Blue Cash Card 

American Express offers a straightforward cash card that can help you save money on your purchases. The low-cost financing is perfect for business owners who want to get started with their company without having to pay upfront costs or be charged interest rates above 20%. This rewards credit card also comes equipped with a welcome offer where account holders will automatically earn 250 bucks after making at least 3K worth of pursuers within the initial three months!

Lowe’s Business Credit Card by American Express

The Lowe's Business Credit Card by American Express is a great way to enjoy rewards and convenience on your purchases. You'll earn points for every purchase, which you can redeem at any time as statement credits or discounts from select merchants like Amazon! Plus if there are ever problems with one of those expensive gadgets from their store - don't worry because they offer an extended warranty program that will help protect them too (so see what else this card has going For It). The Lowe's Business Credit Card by American Express gives 5% cash back for the first six months, and 2% after when used at restaurants. The Lowe's Business Credit Card by American Express can be used everywhere American Express is accepted.

Capital One Spark Cash Select

If you are a newer business or thinking about starting one, then the Capital One Spark card might be the perfect credit card for you. It is fairly easy to get and has an annual fee of $0 and gives introductory APR on purchases for 12 months with variable rates between 17% - 25%. The Capital One Spark credit card offers a great balance between rewards and fees, making it the perfect choice if you want an introductory rate that won't break your budget.

Credit cards are an important financial tool if used responsibly. They can help you make purchases and build your credit history; with responsible use, they also earn rewards or perks such as cashback when paying off balances in full each month to truly harness the power of this great investment!

Here are 3 Credit Building Tips to try before applying for Credit Cards

  1. Build your credit score by 30+ points by self-reporting your rent payments with Boom. 10+ positive tradelines are the goal to quickly give your credit score a quick boost.
  2. Start building positive business tradelines with Nav’s Business Boost. The cost is $39 per month, and they report to your business credit each month. The goal is to get an 80 Paydex score. This helps you get vehicles in your business name and business credit cards with no PG.
  3. Monitor and protect your credit with Identity IQ. Stay prepared by always knowing your FICO credit score. You can start a $1 dollar trial to view all 3 credit scores from each credit bureau.

After you've boosted your credit score close to 650 or more, apply for credit cards and funding with a credit union you've established a relationship with.

Learning how to build credit is critical for times when emergencies arise or for life-changing business opportunities. The tips shared above should help in your journey toward building your credit score to get the best credit cards and funding.

So which credit card might you apply for first? Do you want to learn more about getting personal and business credit cards? Let us know in the comments or post your thoughts in general.

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