3 Mistakes Entrepreneurs make when Starting an Online Business

mistakes entrepreneurs make starting online business

 Let’s be honest, the things we learned in traditional college just don’t cut it with today’s world of social media ads and e-commerce. Social media didn’t even exist when I attended college and self-made millionaires were not so accessible as they are today. Entrepreneurs these days make millions from YouTube, Instagram, Tik Tok or by creating and selling their own digital products. On the other hand, there are many up and coming entrepreneurs struggling to make $1 online. One of the biggest obstacles I see from many new entrepreneurs is their mindset. Most of them are too worried about how they look or sound, that they become paralyzed and never get started. Mindset is mistake number one. Continue reading and you will learn about the other two biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make when starting an online business.

  • Lack of coaching or mentoring is the second biggest mistake I see. Coaches were also not around when I attended college. Today, they are almost everywhere. I understand how finding the right coach can be exhausting with all the scams happening these days. However, DON’T SCAM YOURSELF! I say this with love meaning don’t sell yourself short thinking you can easily figure out this game called entrepreneurship. Having someone who can tell you how to overcome obstacles, help you handle challenges with ease, and show you how to generate revenue faster in your online business is priceless. Honestly it is! Most entrepreneurs who last more than two years either pay by trial and error or pay a coach.
  • Other ways coaches help entrepreneurs when starting an online business is by holding them accountable. Let’s be honest, having a job is easy because the manager tells you what time to be there, what to do, and they give you the tools to do it. An entrepreneur has to create their own schedule, stick to the schedule, and pay for their own systems. Makes you wonder why so many people want to be an entrepreneur after hearing about all that doesn’t it? Most entrepreneurs say it’s so much more rewarding and it makes them feel empowered!
  • Not having the right business tools and resources are the third biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make when starting an online business. They either pay too much by using multiple systems that can do that same things, or they don’t know what to buy that will make their life and business run smoother. I’ve named the 3 biggest mistakes I see entrepreneurs make when starting an online business, therefore I will also list my top 3 business systems entrepreneurs should use when starting an online business.
  1. Canva! This is a graphic design software that is an amazing and easier alternative to Photoshop. You can create presentations, social media stories, business cards, logos, flyers. You can start using Canva today for free.
  2. Kajabi offers email marketing and a Website. Having a robust website is one of the first systems to buy when starting an online business. Kajabi provides easy to set up templates, automations, opt-in pages, and even sales funnels. In additional to that, what I like best about Kajabi gives the ability to start a membership or community for users who purchase your online courses or digital products. Try a 30 day trial of Kajabi today using my affiliate link.
  3. Grasshopper Business Phone. I’ve been using grasshopper for a few years now and it was really easy to set up. I also tried Ring Central but I chose Grasshopper as the keeper. Having a business phone separate from your personal cell number is really important if you want customers to take your serious. You can try Grasshopper for 14 days on this trial.

 Thanks for reading about the three biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make when starting an online business! Let me know if this information was helpful! I wish you well taking your business to the Next Level.

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