5 Things Making your Business Look Unprofessional

build business credit business checking account business funding denied create business cards email marketing how to make my business look professional virtual business address virtual office virtual phone number Jun 21, 2022

While entrepreneurship is still on the rise and some entrepreneurs went back to work. More and more people daily are becoming intrigued with the idea of becoming an entrepreneur.

Not only will the last two years go down in history because of the pandemic. Those years will also be remembered because of the great resignation. The rise of entrepreneurship or working as an independent contractor is steadily increasing. According to a news article in Forbes, many states report a continuous rise in new business applications. Far more applications weekly than before the pandemic.

As the changes of the world continue to dramatically affect us, Economists expect entrepreneurship to continue on a growth spurt through 2024.

Why do you think this is? I personally believe it’s because people had time to slow down and think about other ways to make a living. Also, we were forced to think about what we could do to make money without having a J.O.B.

With new faces in the entrepreneurial world, small business owners need information about the tools, resources, systems, and mistakes to avoid. I’d like to share the top 5 mistakes I see new entrepreneurs make that prevents their business from looking more professional. Let’s just assume you already have an LLC set up. Here are the next five (5) things to do:

  1. Website Presence. Although a website is considered an online business brochure, not having a website tells people you aren't serious about your business. Don’t over think getting it done! The first step after getting your LLC is to grab a domain name such as mybusinessname.com. If you have no idea how to get a website created yet, just connect the domain name to your facebook business page (which I don't recommend but it's better than nothing). Another option is to create a simple landing page using ConvertKit until you can afford the time or money to get a professional website created. ConvertKit is easy to set up and takes just a few minutes. Convertkit also offers email marketing! Use my link to get a 14 day trial. Another option is to use Kajabi to easily create a landing page. Kajabi is also good for selling digital products such as E-Books, audiobooks, and online courses. All I can say is, Don’t wait to get the domain name and make the website a priority! 
  1. Business Address! Getting a commercial business address in this day and agent isn't really complicated. Having a virtual business address is extremely common and is a vital element of being a real business owner. Believe it or not, lenders sometimes will search the address on a business application to see where someone is conducting business. A professional business address can make or break you from getting instantly approved for funding. Additionally, UPS and United States Postal Service (USPS) addresses no longer work. Lenders want to see an actual office building. Get a virtual business address today using my partnership link with Opus virtual offices.
  2. Business Phone number. Not having a business phone separate from one’s mobile phone is THE MOST COMMON mistake I see. Even if you answer the phone in a professional way, lenders will look you up on google and expect to see a business line attached to your business address. I’ve been using the Grasshopper phone system for about 6 years and it works perfectly. You can start a 14 day free trial with Grasshopper today.
  1.  Business Checking Account. This is one of the second most common issues I see from entrepreneurs and 1099 workers. I’m guilty of it myself my first year of starting a real estate business. Now that I look back, I am surprised this wasn’t taught to real estate agents because the big real estate companies have four to five training sessions each week. Having a business checking account and having my business structured properly could have saved me thousands of dollars in taxes. This is the reason I want to help and show others the way. Opening a Business Checking Account is critical! Many entrepreneurs (some who never made any money in their business) were able to receive grants at the beginning of the pandemic all because they had an LLC and a business checking account. A few entrepreneurs I know received $5,000 grants from Facebook. It was super easy to get because they had a business checking account. If your company hasn’t made a profit yet and you want a quick and easy business checking account, you can start online, today with Novo Bank 
  2.  Marketing materials! Professional business cards, logos, and Flyers are NOT a thing of the past. People still accept business cards, and flyers and star in admiration or not. Canva is amazing graphic design software that helps you to easily create all the marketing materials you need. You can even access some features Canva today at no cost.

 I hope this information has helped you to make your business look more professional. Here’s a bonus! Start generating a business credit score right away. The net30 accounts aren’t what they use to be but Nav’s Business Credit Boost never fails. The way it works, is you sign up for Nav’s business boost which is between $39 and $45 per month. Your payments get reported on your business credit each month. BUILDING YOU A BUSINESS CREDIT SCORE!

 Thanks for reading my blog! Please let me know if these tips are helpful! I appreciate the feedback and wishing you well on taking your business to the Next Level.

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